Click the Calculate button below to calculate the amount your tax will change by entering the current market value of your home and the amount of the millage increase or decrease. You can find the market value of your home on your property record card or on the Annual Taxes page. This can be found by going to and searching for your property. When you find your property click the link to the most recent property record card (located on the line above your name). This will bring up the property record card which shows the market value on the bottom of the first page at the far left. This is labeled as Appraised Value Total. You may also click the Annual Taxes link on the Search Results page and find the Market Value at the bottom left.

NOTE: 1 mill is ALWAYS $35 per $100,000 of the Market Value.
However, other factors may contribute to your tax calculation such as Owner Occupied, Homestead, Residential, Agricultural, or Commerical designations. So, this estimate will be higher than the amount of a tax increase, but lower than the amount of a tax decrease.

Market Value (100%) Assessed Value (35%) Millage Change Esimated Tax Change
$ 50,000 $ 17,500 2.0 $ 35.00
$ 100,000 $ 35,000 1.0 $ 35.00
$ 250,000 $ 87,500 0.5 $ 43.75
$1,000,000 $ 350,000 1.0 $ 350.00
* Enter the Market Value and Millage Change in the light yellow cells above to see the effect of the change on your own property. DO NOT use $ (dollar signs) or , (commas) in the entry field. Only use numbers and a decimal if necessary.
Click Reset to enter new values.